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  • Lack of affordable access to game consoles for occasional use

  • People want to try out new consoles before investing in buying them

  • The cost of buying a new console is prohibitive for some gamers

  • A rental marketplace for game consoles that allows users to rent a console for a specific period of time

  • Provides a range of console choices for users to try out and rent for a fixed amount of time

  • Offers a flexible subscription model that enables frequent renters to switch consoles easily

Key Metrics
  • Number of active renters

  • Average rental period

  • Number of subscribers

  • Customer satisfaction rating

Unique Value Proposition
  • Affordable access to the newest and most popular game consoles

  • A flexible rental subscription service that allows easy switching between consoles

  • Access to a wide range of games, with the option to rent or purchase

Unfair Advantage
  • Partnerships with game console manufacturers to provide the latest products

  • Exclusive access to popular game titles

  • In-app features that enhance the gaming experience for renters and buyers

  • Online advertising through search engines and social media

  • Partnerships with gaming blogs and influencers

  • Affiliate marketing with other gaming accessory and peripheral retailers

Customer Segments
  • Casual gamers looking to try new game consoles without a long-term commitment

  • Families looking to provide gaming options for their children without the high costs of ownership

  • Serious gamers who want to try the latest consoles before deciding to commit to a purchase

Cost Structure

  • Console purchase and maintenance costs

  • Web and app development costs

  • Marketing and advertising expenses

  • Customer service and support costs

  • Server and hosting fees

Revenue Streams
  • Rental fees for console usage

  • Subscription fees for frequent renters

  • In-app purchases for game titles and accessories